Frequently Asked Questions

ICAARS stands for International Classic Automobile Authentication Rating System.

Authentication inspections are NOT a traditional roadworthy or mechanical examination. A comprehensive 900 point check provides a detailed report on vehicle condition and confidence in its originality against factory and historical data. This is invaluable for asset-grade collectable vehicles. The unique Rating system provides an impartial grading of a vehicle’s condition and collectability, which closely reflects its value in the market place.

When purchasing, ICAARS provides peace of mind that you are getting what you pay for. An ICAARS certificate and report are also invaluable for existing owners in supplying an unbiased assessment for financiers, insurers, prospective buyers, or simply to identify potentiality for value uplift.

Issues commonly identified include non-original components, incorrect tags or engine, hidden damage to the vehicle or identifiers that may well impact the value or associated decision processes. ICAARS have also identified previously unknown specifics resulting in a significantly higher valuation.

The ICAARS panel is an independent group of experts comprising highly respected and trusted people from the automotive industry. The panel acts in a quality assurance capacity against the ICAARS Assessment Protocol, balancing our data-driven scoring algorithm with impeccable integrity to evaluate and appraise vehicles, providing valuable feedback without bias or prejudice. Each panel member offers a lifetime of experience specialising in their marque of preference.

If you are interested in joining the team of panel experts, please send your CV with an Expression of Interest to email

The onus under law is on the Seller to provide an accurate description of a vehicle being sold. It is important however for Buyers to ensure that any description on the terms of sale/receipt accurately reflects the vehicle. It may well be that the Seller is totally unaware of previous activity on the vehicle that is not aligned to the description as a result of an ICAARS inspection. If that is the case ICAARS may be able to assist by negotiation between the parties, or if need be in the worst case, assist in the court system. Precedents exist in all states for successful restitution through civil law for Sale by Description.

If eligible, ICAARS may also offer a guarantee for people who prefer us to manage any problems or issues that may arise. Where available, ICAARS take all responsibility for the authentic guarantee of the vehicle bona fides.

The ICAARS Rating System has been developed and refined to deliver a global standard against which collectable vehicles can be independently benchmarked. The algorithm embraces a nationally accepted classic car judging system, with a long history of scoring original/reproduction/NOS components and quality/presentation. Ratings are published in an ICAARS Certificate with a corresponding report providing detailed inspection information.

This unique rating system provides valuable key metrics for investors, including a vehicles Condition, Collectability, Star Rating and Potentiality (prospective improvements).

Full vehicle inspections are conducted Australia wide by trained ICAARS inspectors. Our inspection system examines over 900 data points, including forensic analysis using X-Ray technology. This data allows detailed vehicle information to be verified against factory records before our complex scoring algorithm compiles an ICAARS Rating.

Inspection Authentications must be physically conducted on a hoist, either at a prearranged location or one of our partner facilities in each state. This full service not only provides clarity on a vehicle’s authenticity, but details its current condition, collectability and potential.

Desktop Verifications offer a timely confirmation of supplied vehicle information against factory records and build data. This is often used by purchasers as a first step in their due diligence and upgraded to a full Inspection Authentication later. A Desktop Verification can be conducted remotely, provided required photos and information can be supplied.

Additional services are available at cost, including structural body x-ray where required. See the ICAARS pricing table for details.

The guiding principles of ICAARS are Integrity, Honesty, Transparency and respect for Privacy.

Offering completely independent and unbiased, data-driven information, our unique rating system and inspection reports support asset-grade vehicles.

ICAARS is not involved in the buying or selling of vehicles. We work diligently to provide assurance for sellers, auction houses and buyers by facilitating the flow of correct information.

The origin and background of a vehicle provide significant insight into its authenticity. ICAARS reports compile available history, ownership details and prior events, complete with any photographs to provide added context.

Where required ICAARS can undertake a dedicated Provenance Guide at an additional cost, to comprehensively investigate and collate detailed background information and narrative. Some priceless examples include an historic 1934 Rolls Royce, 1971 GTHO Falcon and 1994 WRX STi works car.

An ICAARS Certificate and “ICAARS Authenticated” image/sticker are provided to be displayed with a vehicle. Uniquely numbered Certificates are internally traceable to inspection particulars, with client information anonymised to protect privacy.

A detailed report of Inspection Authentications is provided to the client electronically or in hard copy if required. Inspection Reports detail all areas of the vehicle, from the engine and under carriage, to interior, exterior, wheels, tyres, paintwork and repairs. This information is utilised along with known provenance data and factory records to authenticate the originality of inspected vehicles and identify their potentiality.

Booking is easy! You can head to and fill in the form on our website and one of our friendly team members will be in contact or call us on 1800 422 277.

The ICAARS authentication process is recognised as being one of the leaders in the industry.

There are three different services ICAARS offer. This first is a vehicle verification which is $495. The inspection authentication package is $1,495 and the provenance guide is from $1,995. You can find more information about these services and what is included in them on the services page on

The process is easy! Simply get in contact us to start the process and we will take it from there.